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Joe Shuster

Joe Shuster Joseph Shuster was born in 1914 in Toronto, Canada.  When he was nine, his family moved to Cleveland, Ohio, where Shuster met young Jerry Siegel.  The two became fast friends and collaborators; together, they published the earliest science-fiction fan magazines, where Shuster honed his fledgling art skills.  In 1936, he and Siegel began providing DC Comics with such new features as Dr. Occult, Slam Bradley, and Radio Squad before selling Superman to DC in 1938.

Influenced by comic-strip greats such as Wash Tubbs' Roy Crane, Joe Shuster drew Superman through 1947, after which he left comic books to create the comic strip Funnyman, again with Siegel.  Unfortunately, failing eyesight cut short his career, but not before his place in the history of American pop culture was assured.  Shuster died of heart failure on July 30, 1992.

Biographical material researched and written by Mark Waid and Joe Desris with Richard Morrissey.  Originally published in Superman Archives Volume 4.

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